Art & Tech: New models for democratizing the industry



December 07, 2022 - December 08, 2022
08:00 pm - 09:30 pm (AMT)
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To maximize the potential of human capital and talent, AGBU Armenia is working in partnership with Creative Armenia and with the funding of the European Union to invest in a new and critical program: Katapult Creative Accelerator Program.

Katapult is a program to catalyze Armenia’s creative economy. Its core activities are designed to promote, connect and empower the creative and cultural sector in order to harness collective intelligence and improve overall sustainability.

Katapult Talks is a biannual virtual summit that invites experts to share their experience and practical industry insights. “Fall 2022: Investments in Creativity” is our first edition of Katapult Talks that looks at new models and opportunities for sustainability in the creative industries.

Organized by: Katapult

Raffi Festekjian

Co-Founder at NuArca Technologies

Speaker: As a managing director and partner of NuArca Technologies, Raffi Festekjian coordinates the strategic direction of high-growth tech companies and looks for acquisition and investment opportunities. Prior to his endeavor Raffi Festekjian was a President and CEO of the Finance, Risk & Compliance Solution group and was responsible for the strategic direction of enterprises, risk management and investment compliance.


Flavia Sparacino

CEO/Founder at Sensing Places

Speaker: Flavia Sparacino is founder of Sensing places, an experimental studio that designs and produces innovative exhibitions, retail stores, and cooperative showrooms through immersive design using media tools and cutting-edge technologies. She was one of the first professionals to create augmented reality and virtual studios. MIT has granted her 13 technology licenses for her inventions, and she holds more than 1000 academic paper citations.


Carlotta De Ninni

CEO at Creative Passport

Speaker: Carlotta De Ninni has been involved in many projects on blockchain technology in the music industry. She has expertise in music copyright and licensing, smart contract and AR/VR. One of her significant projects is Creative Passport, a digital ID tool. It allows musicians to control and update all information about their creative journey and ensures connection with music producers.


Anna Gargarian

Creative Strategist & Lead at Katapult

Moderator: Anna Gargarian is a creative strategist, consulted as a Curator and Content Developer in the arts for projects in cities worldwide, including: Yerevan, Beijing, Copenhagen, Florence, Paris, and Boston. From 2014 to 2020, she founded and directed HAYP Pop Up Gallery, a nomadic gallery that supported contemporary art in Armenia and encouraged experimental ways of art exhibiting. She has curated global biennale projects, including Armenia’s national pavilion at the 2015 6th Beijing International Art Biennale. From 2016-2019, Gargarian led contemporary visual art initiatives at AGBU-Armenia. Today she leads Katapult Creative Accelerator, an EU Funded program implemented by AGBU in partnership with Creative Armenia to catalyze Armenia’s creative economy.